The CSIS all bad. He turned to James for Zidane

Under the guidance of Zinedine Zidane, he became a first team regular, winning the competition with Gareth Bale. Come to where the Frenchman Julen lopetegui also relied on CSIS. Bask built the game around your favourite, on the model of Spain, where the attacking midfielder was considered the unquestioned leader and main brain of the team.

Lopetegi the post of chief coach of real Madrid because of poor results is not delayed. Of guilt ISCO in protracted crisis was not, however, so no one missed a reshuffle in the technical area as the pupil of Malaga. Your vague he could understand a little earlier, when he out of action because of an operation for appendicitis, which left him out of the game for a period of up to one month.

ISCO and didn’t look like the best player in the current Madrid, but the rehab threw him a few steps back. Crisis Manager Santiago Solari, notable for a controversial work in Castilla, was going to start with a clean slate to its new players to have full freedom of expression. Message your coach ISCO interpreted wrong: instead of plow on training in an accelerated mode to get in shape, he argued with Solari and Tinker in the eyes of the partners.

The last straw of the cold war was an episode that occurred after a humiliating defeat in Eibar. Despite the score, Solari came into the locker room and approached players and everyone shook hands. ISCO gesture Argentine coach is not appreciated, so no wonder its subsequent exclusion from the application for the away match against Roma was not necessary. No damage and personal matters, CSIS was not, so there is an educational moment.

ISCO and Santiago Solari, Getty Images

If ISCO at least showed the football to the usual level, then perhaps no penalties are followed — Solari himself is clearly not the enemy. To check out Iburua, the home stadium of Eibar, the Argentine has already chosen its optimal composition, where space was not only ISCO, but the talented Marco Asensio. Solari managed to prevent a steep dive and stabilize the results, therefore, in his address, no one bad word to say.

Problems with discipline, some of the manifestations of lack of professionalism and the extra weight made ISCO for Solari who for Zidane was James Rodriguez. A player of incredible potential that one movement can make a difference, however, if he is unhappy with playing time to count on him as a combat unit as it is not necessary. But ISCO still another respect, because he represents the new face of the Spanish national team.

No joke, but for all time, that Solari is at the helm of real Madrid, ISCO has played just 88 minutes, never appeared in the starting, did not score and only one scored efficient transmission of Vinicius Junior in the match against Valladolid. The Spanish media has always been on the side of the ISCO, even in the most difficult moments when Carlo Ancelotti or Zidane, but everything points to the fact that the credit of trust is exhausted.

Solari gives the sensation of some special attention, continuing at minimum to use and hack related questions from the press at the root: “ISCO? They are satisfied in exactly the same way as other players. Moreover, treated him with great respect. Can’t say more than it says accepted my decision”. So, the decisions over and over again leave ISCO behind the basics still exist.

Unlikely, probably just a few months, ISCO has turned into such a bad guy who violates the regime and generally had a ball. It is possible, even there was a specific episode when Solari decided to strike important by of its immediate plans. Discipline, lack of professionalism and the extra weight could probably be the consequence, not the reason that ISCO has lost the trust of the coaching staff after the departure of He.

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How about the fact that the situation is much simpler? For instance, CSIS may be under vision of football Solari who fears one wrong move to break so hard to build balance. ISCO – a player who is exclusively found a place in the build Lopetegi. He likes to mess around with the ball, to open in the free zones and to break the defensive structures of the opponent.

Football Solari – not the most obvious thing in modern football, but it seems that he relies on vertical movement of the ball. In recent weeks reduced the ball possession, the number of attacks and quick transitions from defence to attack. At this rate, ISCO play much harder because of his speed skills and move box-to-box leave much to be desired. For ISCO simply have no place in the middle of the field where positions are painted as default, and on the flanks of the Solari could not see him.

Thus, the discussion remains only the right flank, where at the moment making progress Lucas Vazquez. Why him and not, for example, the same Asensio? It’s simple. Because Asensio “does not feel responsible to drag the real world” and all the defensive work wasn’t very serious. Vasquez understands that he has no margin for error, willing to sacrifice their own interests for the team and run from his penalty area to someone else.

It is believed that ISCO chose the wrong strategy, flaunting his authority. Obviously, no charisma Solari Zidane, but while he manages to achieve a stable result, the question of ISCO will not be considered.

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