Vernidub and Kostyshin — main-timers, most experienced — terrible

In the 2018/2019 season in the Ukrainian Premier League managed to work for 16 coaches. Since the beginning of the season and continue to work – eight. Four led their teams after the start of the championship. Morais and groceries in August, Ivan Shevchuk in October.

The biggest experience in his current club in the Premier League is Yuriy vernydub — in November, he celebrated seven years of work at the head of the coaching staff of Dawn. When you consider that he started as an assistant commander, his time at the club should be considered at all since 2010 (when they came together with Anatoly Shantsevym).

To old-timers should include the head coach of the Gums Oleksandr Ryabokon (after another coming in Chernihiv club has been operating continuously since March 2012). His story is unique, as it brought “northerners” from the Second League in the Premier League, being the author of the highest achievement in the history of the club.

Next – who led their clubs in 2013 Vasiliy Sachko (Vorskla) and Volodymyr Sharan (FC oleksandriia). Also that year, even earlier — in the spring, worked with Olympique de Marseille novel Sanjar. Withdrawing the club from the First League in the Premier League and in European competition, he left it in October 2018.

If we leave out a few of the old-timers, and less.

The youngest was before he retired at just 39 years old Roman Sanzhar (Alexander Babich from FC Mariupol and Vyacheslav Shevchuk from Marseille only a few months older than the rest, under the age of 40 years and more). The oldest is 62-year-old Vyacheslav Grozny, already in the course of the season to lead Arsenal-Kiev.

While Grozny is the most experienced among colleagues – only the head coach he worked for about 20 years (the same Alexander Ryabokon, who is younger than about eight years). And if we add the work of assistant commander and a member of complex scientific group — a lot more. Approaching this indicator, the Legionnaires Morais and Chervenkov. But the least experienced among all the commanders-in-chief of the Premier League was Fabrizio Ravanelli to his 49 years, he had only little experience in the French Ajaccio (several months), the rest of the job is the club Ambassador, a member of the Academy, scout. Now it’s Vyacheslav Shevchuk, who began the third month of his coaching career.

For angel Chervenkov, Chernomorets — 12 team in his career, 11 — terrible (only). But for the nets, Sanjar and Shevchuk it was the first place of work.

Another interesting perspective: only five head coaches of the clubs of the Premier League season 2018/2019 when players played for national teams of their countries. It was Fabrizio Ravanelli (22 matches and 8 goals for Italy in the years 1995-1998), Alexander Khatskevich (38 matches and 4 goals for Belarus in the years 1993-2005), Volodymyr Sharan (1 match for Ukraine in 1995), Vyacheslav Shevchuk (54 matches in Ukraine in the years 2003-2016) and the angel Chervenkov (5 matches in Bulgaria in the years 1984-1987). 25% is not that much. Was called to the national team of Ukraine, but not played in it Yuriy vernydub.

But even worse with the international experience of the trainers. Only two coaches from the current FDA (12,5%) have experience with national teams. Alexander Khatskevich in 2014-16 will be presented was the head coach of the national team of his native Belarus (+6=6-6), and Jose Morais, before a short “business” trip to the Carpathians, in 2008, a short time was head of the national team of Yemen.

Belarus is Alexander Khatskevich (Dynamo), Bulgaria – angel Chervenkov (Chernomorets), Brazil – Gilmar (ex-coach of FC Lviv), Italy’s Fabrizio Ravanelli (ex-Arsenal), Portugal – josé Morais (ex-the Carpathians) and Paulo Fonseca (Shakhtar Donetsk).

But 37.5% of the professionals when he was a player managed to play for those clubs, which they now lead. This honorable list: Vasiliy Sachko (Vorskla), Alexander Ryabokon (gums), Alexander Khatskevich (Dynamo), Volodymyr Sharan (Alexandria/Poligraftehnika), Roman Sanzhar (Marseille), Oleg Boichyshyn (Carpathians).

Oh, and finally, the analysis of the role. Seven of these coaches were defenders, six Midfielders, three strikers. Former goalkeepers among the commanders-in-chief now, no.

What’s in the minors?

Head coaches of the First League of the longest runs with his current team Ruslan Kostyshin from Kolos (February 2014). He led this team on a professional level, won her Second League, now applies for medals in the First. In the Second League – home “veteran” Gennady Prihodko from the Miners (since spring 2010). He had already deduced Krivoy Rog club in the First League, survived the fall with him in the Amateurs for financial reasons and now with this team again claims to medals of the Second League. Both of the best coaches in the history of their clubs.

About half of the professionals in the First League to work with their teams one year or even less in the Second League – year. The duration of the First League is only a year and a half, the Second a little over a year (in the Premier League – two), the average age of the head coaches of the First League – a little less than 42 years, the Second 47 and a half. Foreign coaches in the PFL now, no. Playing coaches too.

In the First League the oldest is 56-year-old Sergei zolotnyts’ke (Sumy PFK), the youngest 34 – year-old Andrew Kikot (led by Rukh). In the Second League’s 68-year-old Gregory Virulence (FC Nikopol) and 27-year-old Alexander Ovchinnikov (was the head coach of the Crystal to mid-September).

Descend still deeper – the championship of Ukraine among Amateurs. There is much colorful: there are a few players the coaches, the head coach is, combining the position with the President and the head of the village. He (the 64-year-old Vitali svintsitskiy from Askania Ear) is the oldest and good. He was at the forefront of the football club Kolos, who started in Khlibodarivka, continued work in Askaniya-Nova. The club was founded in 1975, and there svintsitskiy was a player and playing coach. The young 28-year-old Ivan Brovchuk, some time worked with starring from the tournament Cobra (Ostrog, Rivne region). Regarding the average work, most of the professionals working here since the founding clubs. And it’s not something surprising, because many clubs exist for only a year or two and are just starting their story.

Important to understand: in Ukraine, in General, young and running a short coaching workshop. Alas, this is all evidence of a profound crisis of the coaching profession in our football. The management of clubs often pay less than the head coaches of many players dismiss them before the end of the contract (read: credibility), which is very well provided. Many coaches – beginners, these are easier to manage, easier to pay. Unemployment for coaching our coaching workshop is also among the worst, largely because the trainers themselves are rarely legionaries and have access only to their own market. Just think: for owners of the Cup of Ukraine, the venerable former coaches of the Premier League, titled last of the players is not shameful to not only work in the lower leagues, but sometimes even in the Amateurs. Many sit at home so much that unemployment flows smoothly into retirement. The average time spent is ridiculously small – though we have a large percentage of clubs who make no claims (nor medals, nor on the flight), frequent layoffs, and the protection of the trainer is insufficient.

The coach is the main profession in football. He is responsible for the result, the progress of the players, the entertainment and games. But why then is she not the most authoritative? The answers lie in the achievements, which now has a Ukrainian football at the international level.

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